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Goldfish Care Basics : Water Changes

How to change the water in your goldfish tank, how much and how often to change the water. Keeping your tank water clean and fresh is the #1 way to keep your fish healthy and disease free! Basic things to remember: -Cover the siphon tube so fish don't get injured. -Add the dechlorinator after removing water, and before adding fresh water. -Dose the dechlorinator for the entire tank volume, not just for the volume removed. -Be careful when adding new water, try to control splashing so it doesn't stress your fish. -Make sure the temperature and pH of the new water is matched to the old water as closely as possible. -You should change at least 50% every week (I do 90% every 5 days). Click to subscribe! Like Solid Gold on Facebook! Follow Solid Gold on Twitter! Check out Solid Gold's blog!

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