Rare Tropical Fish - Aquatics Live 2012, part 1

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FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DefiniteAquascapeTV YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/DefiniteAquascapeTV PAGE: http://definiteaquascape.tv Several interesting and rare aquarium fish, presented at the booth of the company Maidenhead Aquatics during Aquatics Live 2012 show in London. There were about 30 aquariums displayed here. In the first aquarium there are two species of fish, the first one is really rare Sarcocheilichthys parvus, and the second one is forktail rainbowfish Pseudomugil furcatus. Forktails originate from Papua New Guinea, and they are perfect fish for well established planted aquariums. This species can grow up to 5 centimeters of body length. The second species is Sarcocheilichthys parvus, originating from China and Vietnam. An interesting fact is that they spawn laying eggs inside mussels, just like bitterlings in Europe. The second aquarium is stocked with beautiful fish from North America, rainbow shiners Notropis chrosomus. These fish originate from south eastern part of North America, they inhabit clear-water streams with gravel substrate. What is amazing about them is the colouration, with blue-shining scales all over the body of males. This is a cold-water species, so room temperature without any heating would be perfect for them. Another aquarium, and two really rare species of fish, originating from two different continents, so I have no idea why they were put into one and the same aquarium. The first species is Australian Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa, and the second one is African catfish Synodontis granulosa. These catfish are endemic to the northern part of the lake Tanganyika. They grow to about 20 centimeters, so they are not suitable for keeping for longer time in such small tanks as the one in which they are displayed at the booth. A very attractive fish, yet it has to be kept in quite large aquariums, of the length of at least 150 centimetres. When kept in too small tanks these catfish can become very aggressive. Another fish is the Empire Gudgeon. These fish have really amazing colouration and very interesting behavior, but unfortunately these two in the aquarium seem to be scared to death, either by the conditions, or by the catfish, so we can't see it in its full beauty. Next aquarium, with another very rare species of fish, peppermint pikeheads Luciocephalus aura, originating from Indonesia. The first interesting fact about them is that they belong to the labirynth fish family, the same as Bettas and Gouramis. Shape of their body clearly suggests that they are predators, feeding on small fish. And the second interesting fact is that these fish are actually mouthbrooders, like some of the recently discovered species of Bettas. Generally, pikeheads are difficult to maintain in the aquarium, so they are not good fish for beginners. Next aquarium is stocked with fish from South America, for a change. There are Electric Blue Rams here, which are not really rare, but there is also another species here, which is quite rare in the hobby. I'm talking about the Orange Otocinclus Nannoptopoma sp. Peru orange. This species appeared on the market not very long time ago, and actually not much is known about it, except that they like to eat a lot of vegetable fish food, and that the water should be very clean and well oxygenated. Generally, this tropical fish is quite difficult to keep in aquarium, and even though it is quite attractive, it's not suitable for beginner fishkeepers. The next aquarium, one before last in this video, is stocked with fish from South-Eastern Asia. The first one is Zhou's Scarlet Goby Rhinogobius zhoui, and the second one is Daisy's Ricefish Orysias woworae. Ricefish are these fish with blue eyes in the left corner of the aquarium. This species was discovered two years ago on the Sulawesi island in Indonesia. It lives in karstic freshwater streams, grows to about 3 centimeters, and it is quite easy to breed in captivity. The second species, Rhinogobius zhoui, is probably the most colorful goby fish from China. It can be kept at room temperature, without any heater in the aquarium. It has very interesting behavior with males being slightly territorial. And finally, the last aquarium in this video, stocked with Neon Yellow Green Microrasboras Microdevario kubotai. These fish originate from Thailand and Myanmar. It is a really small species, not exceeding 2 centimeters, which is good, actually, because you should keep them in a group of at least ten individuals to make them feel good. They have beautiful shimmering green body colouration, but unfortunately, they need dark layout and lots of plants to show their full colors, so in this aquarium they look rather washed-out. Stay tuned for next video, with other interesting species of tropical aquarium fish at the booth of Maidenhead Aquatics!
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